S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,321.41 +0.25%
Tesla TSLA $186.60 +6.66%
Meta META $464.63 -0.90%
Microsoft MSFT $429.04 +0.87%
Apple AAPL $192.35 +0.69%
Nvidia NVDA $953.86 +0.64%
Alphabet GOOG $179.54 +0.61%
Amazon AMZN $183.15 -0.21%

Yesterday ,$ABNB-1.6%reported results that werequite positive and the stock did not otherwise react strongly to the results. If the stock drops significantly to a certain price, I might think about buying, but I would consider it as a short/medium term investment.

How do you view$ABNB-1.6%stock ?



$144.10 -$2.27 -1.55%
Fair Price: $728.62
Pnnxmghf: 76.39%
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I don't disagree with the view that it is currently expensive. I'm still holding, I'm just not expanding my position anymore.

At what price will you sell?

At the moment, it's at too high a valuation for me.

I see it the same way, the price is really high.

I took profits on $150. If I were thinking of buying again, we need to get closer to 100.

Agreed, I see it the same way.

Somehow I haven't paid attention to the company since covid, but I've seen it grow nicely. But with that, the growth potential is gone and it's so uninteresting going forward.

Yeah I get it👍