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Preparation, organization for the next Bulios meeting.

Friends, this year has finally started with events where we can meet in person, which I have already written about with several of you last year. 😊 So far, this is how we are in the region, so that we can meet better.

Because I currently live in the north, specifically in Kadani. (a small town in the Chomutov region) So I'll be happy to take a meeting in the Ustecky region. But I will create a poll together with the Karlovy Vary region, because I am also close to there and I go there relatively often. 😊

In the comments please write me where you are from (city, not address) 😂 And I count that you would be interested to meet. Of course, once I've mapped out how many of you are from these counties, a date would be worked out.

I look forward to seeing you, whether new acquaintances or those with whom we comment on posts here or on social media regularly. 👍

Vote to see the results! 0 answers already!

...otherwise friends, I have 8 votes so far (I put one to see the count), and still no comments with a specific city. So it's hard for me to make any summary of which city will be the best center for Ustekers. 🙈

Kadani is very nice, I would love to go there again sometime. Generally Žatecko, although Kadan is probably more in the Chomutov region... It's just, as I wrote earlier, quite out of hand for me.

Thanks, and that's okay, we'll figure it out, I'd love to meet you.