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Lyft shares rise 40% after forecast error brings unexpected gains

Do Kwik
15. 2. 2024
2 min read

Investors were surprised when Lyft stock jumped more than 40% after the company admitted an error in its profit margin forecast. Despite the error, the stock held on to some gains, causing the stock to rise significantly.

Shares of Lyft initially surged more than40% after announcing that it expected to improve profit margins This higher expectation sent Lyft stock to its highest level since August 2022, but the joy of growth quickly faded.

An error in the earnings release that overstated expectations margin growth to 5% instead of 0.5%, caused the stock to subsequently fall by approximately 18%. This error not only confused investors, but also highlighted Lyft's years of problems. Since its IPO in 2019, the stock $LYFT+0.3% have lost approximately 80% of their value.

This misprediction meant the company was unable to compete with its main rival Uber, reflecting the difficulties Lyft has faced since the arrival of a new CEO David Risher.


Lyft, Inc.

$15.68 $0.04 +0.26%

Lyft has invested millions of dollars in attracting new drivers to its platform, but has been unable to significantly reduce thegap in user numbers compared to Uber $UBER-1.2%. Even so, Lyft's gross bookings in the quarter rose 17% to $3.7 billion.

Despite the forecast error, Lyft reported stronger profit and revenue compared to analysts' expectations. But that didn't prevent the stock from falling after discovering the error in the earnings release.

Lyft expects to reach full-year earnings for the first time in 2024 positive cash flow by 2024, a positive outlook for the company's future.

Lyft continues to struggle to to keep pace with its competitorswhile the market watches to see how it responds to this unexpected mistake in the earnings release.

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