S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,242.36 -0.47%
Microsoft MSFT $416.60 -2.93%
Nvidia NVDA $1,119.33 -2.52%
Alphabet GOOG $173.64 -2.12%
Amazon AMZN $179.05 -1.63%
Tesla TSLA $179.00 +1.59%
Meta META $467.01 -1.55%
Apple AAPL $191.62 +0.70%

For me, the unrealized gain on $AAPL+0.7% and $ASML+0.6% was around 50%.

Great job!

Thanks! :D

Closed? It's hard to say. I'd rather go for smaller gains but on a regular basis than chase rockets. Otherwise, in open long-term positions, it's definitely $META-1.5%, where it's now over 100%

We have it set up similarly, always smaller gains, but more often. In general, though, I was interested in this question. Otherwise, great result!

So for me, hopefully for now, it's a simple long-term DCA into the S&P500 ETF $CSPX.L-0.4% which is currently showing me +21.49%

So far on the index about nemám🤷‍♂️uvidíme if that changes 🚀🤞

A bet on etf for me is never wrong!

For me, $CRWD-9.3% what's moving me gain 95-120% (it's pretty volatile right now) but I expect it to hold that 300 level and we'll move on. I'm a bit sorry it went up so fast I wanted to put more into it, but it was already a pretty big position for me at the time along with CVS which is lagging behind it so far. 😃

Really nice gain! unfortunately we don't have a fortune telling ball :D

No one is just green but it is important to have the portfolio set up so that if some pullback makes up for it when other stocks don't have a day a month a year. 😂