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Google suspends Gemini AI image generator due to historical inaccuracies

Charles Sainsbury
23. 2. 2024
2 min read

Google recently introduced a new AI tool called Gemini AI, which was designed to generate images of various characters and events. Unfortunately, this new feature sparked a storm of criticism due to its inaccurate results.

The main problem that users pointed out, was the inaccurate depiction of historical figures, which did not match historical reality and causing distortions. This lack of accuracy led Google to quickly stop Gemini's artificial intelligence image generationfeature .



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In response to this criticism Google announced that it was working to improve this feature and will soon release a new and improved version of the image generator. This decision is part of the company's efforts to provide more accurate and relevant depictions of historical events and personalities.

Jack Krawczyk, senior director of product for Gemini at the company Google$GOOG+1.2%, commenting on the issue, stressed that the company takes representation and the accurate depiction of historical context seriously and will strive to adapt its technology to meet users' needs.

"The company's abilities to generate these images reflect Google's global user base, and we take representation and bias seriously. Historical contexts have more nuance and we will continue to adapt to that."
Jack Krawczyk, senior director of product for Gemini


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The move by Google comes at a time when it is trying to compete with other tech giants such as Microsoft$MSFT+1.5%, which supports OpenAI. OpenAI recently launched its own generative AI model called Sora, which can create videos based on text-based instructions from users.

Overall, Google's moves are moving towards ensuring greater accuracy and relevance in the depiction of historical events and personalities. It will be interesting and important to see how this evolves and what improvements new version of the generator Gemini AI image generator will bring.

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