S&P 500 ^GSPC
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL
Nvidia NVDA
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG
Amazon AMZN

Beyond Meat and Tesla. I don't regret anything and I wrote about it here:


Great :)

I don't remember, I don't have it in my portfolio anymore, but it wasn't a good deal 🙈😂

Oh, well, that happens :DD

It does, so as I say, and I would set this in stone, always start investing gradually from small amounts and learn from that. It's not like somebody is going to get to the big money and just dump it all into the market right away. 😂

First single stock $AAPL-1.9%, but first purchase was right away in an 18 mutual fund at the bank :D

And you still have something in that mutual fund?

I've already picked everything :)

@alfredgray So great, it's still something to leave there if you understand and invest in stocks :DD

Cez :)

And are you still holding on to anything, or have you sold everything?

I still have a little something

Respectively, I've been holding only what has been a profit over the years and have withdrawn all my invested capital + a little of that profit

@danieladuong Sure I understand, well I've been shopping recently so I'll see what it will do :DD

@billcombs it'll still go the same as the last few years because the lex won't pass

@danieladuong Yeah I see it that way too and it leaves me quite calm :)

@billcombs and now the minority shareholders have set up to protect the soles, so we'll see

@danieladuong I was going to write a club :D

@danieladuong Yeah I watched it and it's pretty interesting, I'm also interested to see how it plays out and for what effect it will have.

@danieladuong sure, I kind of got it from that :D

@billcombs someone says someone will :D