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India has struck a deal on a $100 billion trade deal.

A little window on the world, so we're not just in the US all the time. India will lift most tariffs against four countries in Europe as part of a "beachhead" deal that is expected to bring $100 billion worth of investment over 15 years and one billion jobs to the world's fifth-largest economy.

The trade deal with non-EU European Free Trade Association countries was signed ahead of the country's general elections due in the next few months, which could give Prime Minister Narendra Modi a third consecutive term.

The Indian government has finalised a number of major trade deals in the last few years and a deal with Britain is in the pipeline.

This "marks a new turn and a turning point in the bilateral relationship between India and the [European Free Trade Association] countries of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein," Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on social media.

India expects the FTA to boost its key exports in IT services, business services, audio-visual services.

The agreement also includes provisions for mutual recognition in professional services such as nursing, chartered accountants and architects, according to a statement from the Indian government.

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