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Who do you think is/will be $TSLA'-2.7%sbiggest competition in the EV space?



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I'm convinced it is and will be BYD.

That's possible :)

For me, probably $NIO-2.1%.

How exactly is it better?

I wouldn't even say it's better. I still see Tesla as the better company, but out of that whole market, I think it will compete most with NIO.

@billcombs we're curious about it, their replaceable batteries are not a good idea in my opinion

meaning in relation to the Marches

So if I take only cars in the higher class- status brand- it will be Porsche, I have to say that according to what I read the Tesla S does not have the Taycan. And in the consumer class- utility car- it will be one of the Chinese but not NIO, they have taken it the wrong way round in my opinion. Even if Tesla gets a cheap model, they'll still sweat a lot and the high margins just won't pay off. On the other hand. Musk has said he doesn't give a shit about margins and technically they could be zero. Because the main revenue will be elsewhere. Well Tesla shareholders may be in for some interesting times. 🤷‍♂️

I hadn't even thought about Porsche in that regard. Thanks