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Yesterday, we were finally notified of the day the streaming service Max (from $WBD+1.0%)will be entering Europe. That day will be May 21, and we can look forward to, for example, streaming the Olympic Games in Paris. Game of Thrones fans might enjoy the second season of House of the Dragon.
Europe is an important region in the streaming business. So I'm curious to see the numbers.

Do you plan to try the service?

I don't pay for any subscription yet, although I'm very tempted to, but I somehow can't find the time to do so and then I can't watch the series just one episode at a time, how many times I get hooked and don't even sleep and then put off the essential stuff. 🙈😂 Anyway, I'm glad for this move as I have some of those $WBD+1.0% shares so I hope this will help them grow 😊.

It's a brutal time waster, yes... 😁

I'll definitely try them out, I'm quite fond of them at the moment, as I find that there's nothing good on most of them anyway, and Netflix seems to be doing a lot of their reality shows at the moment, which is good for business, but it's not watchable :D

I always enjoyed Netflix the most, even though I don't subscribe to it anymore. It's a fact that it changes frequently and it's not a bad thing to rotate.

I think the rotation is great :) you can always find something there