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I don't know, as a business it's interesting, but overall I'm not interested and honestly I don't see any potential there. However, as for the price and the development of the company, I would like to see it for interest :D

I can see that, I'm quite curious to see where they'll go

or rather, where it will take them ;)

Me too, I just watched the stock go down again, but that happens with almost every IPO :)

@danieladuong It's hard to say well, I can't really just imagine where this may go or what the next change may be :)

@billcombs for most it happens

@billcombs it ha not either:D

Judging by most past IPOs of pre-profits, it would be worth waiting for a price below the IPO price. The catch is - if one could - 🤷‍♂️😂

If you could, that would be great :D

I see it as an event with a future, for me it is a great ipo.

Can I ask for a brief summary of why you see the total? Thanks

I've simply been using reddit for years, it has lots of users, it makes good money, it's my personal opinion.

@alfredgray super thanks

@danieladuong You're welcome :)

@alfredgray but it is :)