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🌐 Innovative e-commerce giant: Coupang, Inc.

1. Comprehensive eCommerce Platform.

2. Integrated physical infrastructure:$CPNG+1.2% has an extensive network of physical infrastructure that enables efficient distribution of goods and a wide selection of products at lower prices.

3. Leveraging cutting-edge technology.

4. Growth and expansion: The recent acquisition of online luxury goods retailer Farfetch allows Coupang $CPNG+1.2% to expand its product range and gain access to new customers worldwide.

5. Analytical data and company results:

- At the beginning of 2023, Coupang $CPNG+1.2% achieved sales of USD 15.69 billion, an increase of 57% year-on-year.

- Thecompany'soperating profit (EBITDA) reached 165.1 million USD, an increase of 64% compared to the previous period.

-During 2023 ,Coupang $CPNG+1.2%expanded into new regions and diversified its service portfolio, strengthening its position in the e-commerce market.

From my point of view, this is a very interesting business model for the company, in which I see potential, also taking into account the very good cooperation with e-shop Farfetch, what is your opinion on this company, you investors?

$22.72 $0.26 +1.16%

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