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🍏 Berkshire Hathaway shrinks its stake in Apple 📉

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway posted a profit in the first quarter $11.2 billion, their cash rose to $189 billion!

Today ,Berkshire Hathaway $BRK-B+0.4%held a meeting whereWarren Buffett himself spoke . The company announced that the value of their stake inApple $AAPL+1.7% has dropped by 13 %.

But that doesn't mean that the Berkshire is getting rid of its largest stake completely!

Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, confided to shareholders at the annual meeting in Omaha that this is more about financial planning than abandoning the technology flagship. Berkshire has sold about 115 million shares of Apple, representing about 13 % of its stake. At the end of the first quarter, the company still held 790 million Appleshares .

$407.41 $1.53 +0.38%

Even though Apple'sstock is up in 2023 by 48 %, during the last quarter they fell by almost 11 %. However, since the end of March, they have been rising again.

Berkshire's shares have risen by 11 %but have fallen this quarter by 5 %.

Apple remains Berkshire Hathaway's largest holding , accounting for approximately 40 % of the conglomerate's stock portfolio. Buffett remains confident and predicts that Apple will continue to be the dominant stock in the group.

Investing in Berkshire Hathaway seems like a sensible move for steady growth.

Did anyone watch the whole conference?

What's your take on Berkshire? How do you feel about Apple after announcing results that were pretty lit up by the $110 billion stock buyback? 📈🍎

It's a great company and I'm thinking of buying BRK-B now instead of SP500 in the future.

That's certainly not a bad strategy!