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Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
Meta META $478.22 +2.67%
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🍏📈 Apple event trivia: iPad Pro with M4 chip and innovative OLED screens! 🚀

Interesting turn of events from Apple $AAPL+1.7%, which today unveiled its latest iPad lineup . The newest iPad iPad is the latest update to the new iPad lineup, the newest version of the new iPad series. The newest iPad models, the 11-inch iPad Pro and 13-inch iPad Pro now feature Apple's powerful M4 chip and more vivid OLED screens, while the iPad Air gets an upgrade to 13-inch version.

With the new displays Apple Ultra Retina XDR using technology OLED for improved colour quality. Not only are these screens thinner than traditional LCDbut they are also the thinnest iPads! 💻

With Apple'snew M4chip , iPad Pro and Air are extremely powerful. Compared to previous versions, they offer up to four times the processor power and amazing 10-core GPU!

New 16-core neural engine in the M4 chip outperforms any current competing processor. Helps with AI integration in iPadOS. This is a great technical move for Apple! 💥



$189.98 $3.10 +1.66%

Apple is also trying to appeal to a larger market segment with iPad Air, offering larger screens and the power of the M2 chip , which means speed increases of up to 50 % compared to previous versions.

With prices starting at $599 these innovative and high-performance products are well positioned to drive sales and return Apple to the top! 📈

More important news! Apple is working on its AI chips for datacenters. With how powerful chips Apple is able to build into their devices I believe these new chips will be very powerful as well. The possible partnership between Apple and automaker Rivian $RIVN+4.9% may also be interesting .

iPhone Pro Max was the most popular iPhone Max Counterpoint Research the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter!📱

While sales iPads were lower in the previous quarter, these new additions to the family iPads could boost sales! 💨💰

What's your opinion of Apple?

I watched some of it but I guess it wasn't anything too interesting. I have shares of $AAPL+1.7% and for me it's a great company but I'm not exactly happy lately, the results haven't been pretty and the car hurt a bit too. However, I would say that now those bad things have come together and I believe the company will thrive and grow again.

I'm sure it will, $AAPL+1.7% is a great company and I can't imagine how I would function without their products.

Agreed, I've been sucked into their ecosystem quite a bit😁

Once you step in, you can't get out.

I'll repeat myself as an Apple lover, but plain and simple, I love the company. Yes, it has its flaws and yes, some will lean that the production of products is not eco-friendly and a lot of people in the east do it under stupid conditions, but as an end customer, just the performance, the quality, it's second to none for me. 😊 I'm going to think about those iPads a lot.