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3 undervalued stocks by up to 25% in the lithium mining sector

Jamie Cameron
10. 5. 2024
5 min read

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that lithium, an essential element for battery production and key to the growth of electric car infrastructure and sustainable energy systems, is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. The latest approved projects not only "promise" a revolution in sustainable production, but also open the door for companies to significantly reduce operating costs, which can have very positive implications for the whole industry.

Further plans by the three companies include expansion into international markets and the commencement of commercial lithium production in 2026, indicating strategic preparation for upcoming global demand. This expansion is supported by ambitious plans to expand operations into Australia and Canada, which not only increases diversification, but also allows the company to better counter market volatility and take advantage of growing global demand for lithium-ion batteries.

Standard Lithium $SLI+4.9%

Standard Lithium is an innovative company focused on lithium extraction from brine. In 2023, the company successfully completed Phase 1A of its flagship project in Arkansasa significant step towards the deployment of its revolutionary Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology. This technology enables higher lithium recovery efficiencies with average rates of success rate of 96.1%, a significant improvement over traditional methods. This enables the company to respond more quickly to changing market conditions and increase its production capacity in line with current demand.

Standard Lithium is also preparing to expand its operations with plans to launch commercial production Its goal is to produce lithium carbonate at a quality suitable for use in batteries, which is key to powering advanced technologies such as electric cars and energy storage systems. A pre-feasibility study for the South West Arkansas project revealed the potential for a significant expansion of operations, which could significantly increase the company's annual production.

$1.72 $0.08 +4.88%

Standard Lithium expects its total lithium extraction capacity in 2024 to reach 20,000 metric tonnes of lithium carbonate per annum. This development is part of the company's broader strategy, which includes improving efficiency and reducing production costs. Through innovative technology and strategic planning, Standard Lithium is becoming a key player in the fast-growing lithium extraction sector, and its shares may offer an exciting opportunity for investors looking to capitalise on the growth of the global lithium market.

Albemarle Corp. $ALB+3.8%

Albemarle Corp. has a broad base of operations, from South America to Australia to the United States, making it one of the largest players in the lithium sector. In 2023, it announced that its annual lithium production reached a new record 85,000 metric tons, an increase of 15% from the previous year. This growth was supported by investments in new mining technologies and optimization of existing facilities.

$127.59 $4.64 +3.77%
Fair Price: $771.05
Hfujty: 72.00%
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As part of its efforts to improve efficiency and reduce costs, Albemarle Corp. plans to reduce its capital expenditures to $1.6 billion to $1.8 billion, down from $2.1 billion in 2023. These savings are based on the company's strategic plan to streamline operations and improve energy efficiency at all of its facilities. The company also anticipates that these measures will result in Savings of approximately $95 million USD 95 per year, which will significantly improve its financial health and competitiveness.

$127.59 $4.64 +3.77%

Albemarle is also showing strong growth in the energy storage segment, an important market with rapid growth. Sales volume growth in this segment is expected to reach a record high in 2024 by 10% to 20%. Although market prices for lithium have remained relatively stable, forecasts for net sales (Net Sales) for this year range between USD 5.5 billion and USD 7.6 billion. This projected growth is a result of growing demand for solutions for energy storage solutions, which are key to supporting sustainable energy grids and the development of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Piedmont Lithium $PLL-1.6%

Piedmont Lithium recently received a key permit for its project Carolina Lithium in North Carolina. This project aims to build a sustainable lithium hydroxide production facility with low operating costs. The company expects to begin construction and start production within two years after receiving all necessary approvals.

During the last financial year, Piedmont Lithium has seen significant increases in production and efficiency. Its strategy of focusing on expanding and optimizing production capacity has resulted in an o 30% higher production of lithium hydroxide compared to the previous year. As a result of these steps, the company expects its cash flow will improve significantly, which should strengthen its position and increase its attractiveness to investors.

$14.50 -$0.24 -1.63%

Piedmont Lithium also plans to expand into international markets. This year, the company said it plans to launch new projects in Australia and Canada, expanding its global presence. This geographic diversification should allow the company to better to cope with volatility market volatility while taking advantage of the growing demand for lithium, which is driving the development of electric vehicle and energy storage technologies.

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