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🚀 Arm Holdings is heading for a revolution with AI chips! 🧠

According to information from Nikkei Asia we have a revolutionary new product on the horizon from the company Arm Holdingswhich is going to launch AI chips in the year 2025! 🌟 This British company, part of the SoftBankis heading into the world of artificial intelligence and plans to launch its first products in 2025. 💡🔜

$124.94 $10.30 +8.98%

Arm $ARM+9.0% is a global technology company known for its innovative chip and processor designs. Its ARM architecture is widely used in mobile devices, IoT IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and other electronic devices due to its energy efficiency and performance.

Mass production is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2025, with the first prototypes expected in the spring of that year. Arm Holdings plans to invest huge sums in development, but with the support of SoftBank, which is already in talks with TSMC $TSM-0.4% and other companies to secure manufacturing capacity, it can do it! 💰💪

This news not only could be a game changer in AI, but it could also open up new possibilities in the data center space.

The news comes right afterApple $AAPL+0.0% announced its plan to create anAI chip for data centers. 🌐💻

How do you feel about Nvidia's $NVDA+7.1%position the largest AI chip player in the market? Do you see these attempts as a potential threat to Nvidia's future ?

I'll be keeping an eye on developments in the industry as we embark on an exciting journey into the future and AI will be an important part of it! 🚀💡

Great news! Definitely good to follow this company. Now it's about not being too late in 2025. Or it like probably never will be, but that's how AI is already being addressed a lot and I believe it will be somewhere else again in a year. Anyway Arm is on my watchlist. 😊

It certainly is, a very high quality company! I'm more interested in the future of Nvidia, if others can compete with it and with how fast chips can make for example Apple so they could be better in this too.

I'm curious about that one too, it's probably the top watched company this week.

I'm sure it will affect the whole market, so we'll see how it plays out.