🔍 Google is changing for the AI era! 🔍

Google $GOOGL is in the midst of a major transformation in artificial intelligence. At the recent I/O developer conference, it unveiled a host of new AI-based products and services with the goal of regaining its leadership position in this dynamic industry.

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🧠 "We are fully in our Gemini era," said CEO Sundar Pichai during his keynote, referring to the company's latest AI models . Pichai stressed that AI is still "at the beginning of a fundamental shift."

Competition in AI is intense. OpenAI and Microsoft's $MSFT-0.5% have entered into a partnership together, which Microsoft enabled it to integrate advanced AImodels into its products, contribut ing to itbecoming the world's most valuable company in early 2023 .

Google, however, is not lagging behind at all. Although their first attempt with a ChatGPT competitor called Bard failed to meet expectations, they are now focusing on innovation in their core product : Search. A new feature called AI Overview provides aggregated answers to queries along with links to resources, a major step that could impact everything from advertisers to websites that rely on traffic from the search engine. Also, improvements to the Google Lens app , which lets you search for exactly what you see through your phone.

🚀 In addition to changes to search Google has introduced a new AI Assistant Project Astrathat can recognise objects, solve programming problems and offer a human-like conversational tone.

Google also updated its productivity suite Workspace and integrated Gemini into the mobile app Gmail, allowing users to quickly summarize emails and write contextual replies. The mobile operating system has also received generative AI improvements Android.

📈 These changes give Google a head start over Apple $AAPL-1.1%, which has not yet introduced generative AI features to its iOS system. However, as Apple prepares for its WWDC conference in June , major announcements are expected. Right now, however ,Apple is facing an important decision on whether to go with Google and use their AI or whether to use OpenAI 's AI .

Google is back on top at the moment, although the upcoming developer conference Microsoft Buildwhich takes place from 21.05.-23.05. could cut into that lead. 🌐🔝

Let's follow along for updates and news on the AI revolution and other investment opportunities as AI continues to move the markets! 🚀📈

How do you like the new features that Google and OpenAI have introduced and what are you looking forward to trying? What's your favorite thing about AI and its uses?

For me, a great company and the steps and innovations are great too. For me, out of the tech sector, Google and $ASML+0.8% have the most growth potential for years to come.

Google has been the largest position in my investment portfolio for some time now, and I really don't intend to change anything about it yet. The future is promising :)

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