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Tesla TSLA $173.74 -3.54%
Apple AAPL $186.88 -2.11%
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Long Term Investing vs Trading

Would like to mention here how things have been going with trading lately.

Lately I have been coming across ads and videos on social media about how to get rich from trading.

Often the videos feature Dubai, expensive cars, lots of money and next to it a candlestick chart to get "rich" on.

Often these ads and videos are a lie. People want to swindle you out of money.

Unfortunately, people often believe it, fall for it, and then wonder why they don't have any money in their account.

Of course, normal trading is something else, but it is a very demanding activity and you have to sacrifice a lot of time.

I personally am a long-term investor and I want to hold stocks for the long term and have at least some security, and I don't want to sit for 12 hours in front of charts, study something and then maybe not even profit from it.

But everybody's different and it suits them differently.

Also, it's definitely good to take a risk sometimes and try a riskier trade.

I'm just attaching a chart of the long-term trend of the SP500 ETF.

I think just about everyone should have bought this index, if only for the growth and long term trend. After all, it's some security and stability.

And over the long term, it can deliver some pretty nice appreciation.

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