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We often debate whether we are value or growth investors.

I wonder if this division even makes sense. In essence, we all try to buy stocks that are undervalued (value), but we also expect them to grow and beat the market (growth).

Sure - my perception is that a growth investor might be willing to buy Apple at these prices and calmly wait to see how the value grows. By contrast, a value investor would look for other, perhaps un-marketed, cheap pieces.

However, it doesn't seem right to me to categorize in this way. It's hard to clearly identify which type of investor we are... I call myself a value investor because I exclusively buy stocks that I consider undervalued. But of course, I also want them to grow and beat the market...

I don't identify as either. My goal is to buy cheap and sell dear, I don't care if it's an emasculated Coke or a Tesla, if it's interesting, I'm in.