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Novavax $NVAX+0.0% -> which one of you was happy yesterday?

I won't write an article this time, as this sector is not that close to my heart. Personally, I don't put much stock in vaccines and other drugs as I just don't believe in it and keep myself healthy through sports and dietary choices. However, I want to have this sector represented in the portfolio as well since it has a lot of weight and I chose this company. Was under the impression for a long time that this was a mistake, but yesterday maybe hope dawned? ...

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With Covid-19, the vaccine bag has been ripped open. Behind $PFE+0.0%, $MRNA+0.0% and others, this company was also trying to be number one here. Unfortunately, although they released their model as well, they always lagged behind. The company even doubted its ability to stay in business after last quarter.

Fortunately, hope dawned yesterday and positive news for the future came. They revealed promising new data regarding Covid and the flu vaccine. They also showed a cost-cutting push that includes jobs.

The company is forecasting its 2023 revenue to be $1.4 - $1.6 billion. For this 1Q period, it reported sales of $81 million, down from the $704 million it reported for the same period a year ago. Novavax said the steep decline was due to the "emerging seasonal pattern" of Covid vaccines. We've gone quiet after Covid. They also announced that they intend to reduce their costs by up to 25% this year and up to 50% next year vs. 2022 costs.

They are also seeking confirmation of the vaccine called Novavax`s shot as it is the first vaccine against Covid that uses protein technology, a decades old method of fighting viruses.

Summary: Personally, I'm not leaving the company, nor am I buying. I've diluted the stock at $7.5 and will trust that hope will dawn for them and they'll be up in a few years. What about you? :)

I see that even if the covid ball is not solved so nice numbers cg to everyone who holds 💪 yesterday a lot of titles showed us that they are not written off yet