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You mean the Nia dip that's been going on for two years? :-D

An increase of 58% is already very respectable. I don't own $NIO-6.0% stock, but I keep an eye on it.

So we can expect further growth because prices are all over the place

58% is a decent number, but I still prefer to stick to companies "closer" to us... Volkswagen. 🚀😁

I think I understand that, I mean, it's a deal breaker

$NIO-6.0% is down a lot today (-11%). I guess it didn't reach the shareholders...

It's true, but I think it's just a bit of an exaggerated fear, which is related to the Xpeng as Paul wrote below.

Buying a stock from China is like investing in a loss-making company. It might work out one day, but you'll probably get burned.

I agree in part, but you have to admit that some Chinese stocks are good too, right?

Depends. The same can be said of any stock

The Nia slump is a reaction to its Chinese counterpart XPeng reporting its first quarter earnings. XPeng warned investors that it expects relatively flat sequential sales for the rest of the second quarter. That means the company is losing market share and Nio could be in a similar position.

Interesting, the question is how much will the share price come back to 🤔