I'm not shopping yet. However, if prices go down, I would like to buy $O-0.9%.

I'm hoping they'll go and then I'll buy

I'm still sitting on my hands here. We'll go down again. Then I'd choose between $WPC-2.0%, $O-0.9%, $PSA+0.3%.

Great. Me too so far:)

It would be great, I would like to add reits to the portfolio, a discount would be appreciated.

Let's hope so :)

I'll also be happy to buy in if it goes down $O-0.9% and then I'm thinking about $VICI-1.2%, but at the same time I'm holding $WPC-2.0% and $MPW+0.7% and those are also reits, so I'm wondering if I don't have enough already? 🤦‍♂️😁

In the long run, I believe in real estate. For me, along with the technology sector, it is the top. So if it does not make up 90% of the portfolio and the price is very favorable, there is no reason to hesitate:)

Yes, so there will be housing, there is little construction and even if it starts, even if it drops for a while, there are more and more people so there will be no shortage of interest. :)

Real estate could get cheaper, but it's very tricky. If they go up, it would only be for a short while and then they have to go up again - logically. Housing is scarce, little is being built and space is limited. Today's prices are out of whack, but it will be something we will have to get used to. If it sends down say $O-0.9%, I'll be happy to overbuy👍.

I'm hoping in the year just:) but I don't expect any big drop

Well, if there are problems in the sector, it will probably be like the banks at first, sell-offs. I'd like to buy $O-0.9% cheaper.

I think so too, so hopefully it will be on the overbuy:)