Virgin Galactic $SPCE-1.7%, the space tourism company, is ready today to launch its first space mission in nearly two years, the last planned test flight with a crew of six before launching its long-awaited commercial service!

I'm not investing here, but I'm definitely a big fan and have my fingers crossed that they succeed. I see a future in this, but investment-wise it doesn't make sense to me yet.

What about you and space tourism? Are you investing here?

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It is Interesting points.

It's interesting and I can see the potential. I agree with the others, I'm also waiting for SpaceX.


I'd say the first to shine would be pioneer SpaceX. Smaller companies will soon follow.

I'm interested in space exploration as such, finding new minerals and so on. If the SpaceX IPO is interesting, I'll consider it.

That's right. Once it gets going, it's going to be a giant boom, maybe even comparable to the current AI craze.

I have yet to be approached by anyone in this sector. Overall, however, it will not be a good investment even at the beginning, everything there is quite expensive and there is no certainty yet whether the flight will be successful. I would wait to invest here.

It doesn't have to be right away, but within 5/10 years. Who knows? There are small steps, but very significant.

I also enjoy this field, physics in general, and knowledge whether unexplored on Earth or in space. I wish I could live to see man set foot on Mars, unfortunately without the private sector I don't think it will happen as it is more of a black hole for governments to produce funding and invest in development.

Anyway, I've never looked at the company but I've also heard that some sort of IPO should come out of Musk's "workshop" so I'd be interested in SpaceX too. 😃

If there is to be a trip to Mars, I firmly believe it will be Musk's company that will lead the way.

Agreed. It's crazy sometimes, but hats off to his growth, I wish there were more people like that who put their hard earned money into investments that "go up the chimney" just to move on.