S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,300.08 -0.15%
Nvidia NVDA $936.00 -1.25%
Amazon AMZN $181.73 -0.99%
Tesla TSLA $176.67 +0.98%
Meta META $469.92 +0.23%
Apple AAPL $191.17 +0.07%
Alphabet GOOG $178.38 -0.05%
Microsoft MSFT $425.42 +0.02%

I have an average per share of $140 so I don't want to spoil it that much and rather wait a while for some drop :)

It's always more pleasant to pull down the average purchase than up, that's a fact :D

Yes, on the contrary, it's quite annoying... but again, if you have a long horizon and believe in the growth of the company, it doesn't matter so much :)

So I'm definitely not buying right now, but I don't think I plan on selling much.

Right now it's more for sale than for purchase. I am holding my position for the long term and I am not afraid of another possible fall. It will be a buying opportunity for me again.

Yeah, time to sell slowly.

He's a long way from buying.


Sorry, but buying anything from the big 7 in this hype is total bullshit. And why is that? I'm currently sitting on 6% interest cash from the bank. And when it crashes, I'll invest.

Or buy titles from Russell 2000, which still have some at nice prices.

No, no. He's too expensive for me now, I'm just holding on.

No, I'm trying to avoid tech at the moment.

No :)