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Nvidia NVDA $1,105.58 -3.72%
Microsoft MSFT $414.67 -3.38%
Alphabet GOOG $173.56 -2.16%
Meta META $467.05 -1.54%
Amazon AMZN $179.32 -1.48%
Tesla TSLA $178.79 +1.48%
Apple AAPL $191.29 +0.53%

Travel recovers in the United States after covid slump

On average, more than 2.5 million passengers traveled on U.S. airlines daily last week, the most since August 2019.

I myself was under the mistaken impression that travel had still not returned to pre-Covid levels. Even the situation in Europe is slowly approaching 2019.
Yet airline stocks are still low.($LUV+2.4%, $AAL-1.5%)

Do you see this as an opportunity?

I bought$DAL+0.4% and $AAL-1.5% right away in covid and they are one of my most profitable positions so far :) and I am also thinking of buying more... I don't see why they shouldn't go back to at least pre-covid numbers... it just takes time...

I'm not in the industry either, I'll see if I go for it but I've also heard that it might be coming back to where it was, at least before Covid. I've heard from an investing buddy of mine a positive review of $DAL+0.4% and true it is slowly growing. I haven't looked into it more yet though.

I don't know$DAL+0.4% at all. In fact, neither do the other companies... Just a few European ones.

Sounds interesting, thanks for the info. So I'm thinking maybe it's time to make some purchases :)

I think the major airlines will at least look at where they were before the pandemic. At least in the long run.

They might, so we'll see. I think I'll pass though, I'm not really into the industry/not interested in it.

Yeah, right. I don't have any money in there either. There are better companies...

I also thought it wasn't a 100% return from covid. Oh yeah, wrong😃