I'm curious about $NIO-2.2%...I'm going to buy it just don't know if before Friday or after :-)

So you'll see, I'm just curious, like I'm rooting for them, but I'm just afraid of the stability of China and so it's not for me.

And the stability of the US leaves you cold? :-D Are the countries really that different? (in terms of stability) I don't know myself... I ask :)

I'll keep an eye on $GME+2.4% and $NIO-2.2%. But only watch, I don't own shares or plan to buy them.

Even though it's a little late, I wish you a good rest of the weekend too :)

I'm the same way. You see, $GME+2.4% at one time also a very famous stock due to its move. How do you feel about it? I also saw a documentary on it on Netfilx regarding market manipulation, how big players can do it with funds etc. It was also said to be a dead stock but still going so interesting to watch. 😊

I watched part of the documentary and I must say it was interesting. It's hard to say how I feel about this company. It's certainly an interesting company, but I probably wouldn't buy its stock, and if I did, I'd only buy a few.

Well, it's pretty empty already, but best of luck in the end! I'll be watching, but I don't have the shares.

I didn't even know the results were still going on when the big players had already posted their results. I'll definitely wait for Friday, but not really since my position in Niu is already very small.

So they are every week, there are countless companies. But it's not as interesting as, say, big tech week was. I'm not expecting anything this week. I had $NIO-2.2% before, too, but I walked away from that. I had a minus there and was glad to see it go back to zero. So good luck, may the results be good. 😊

Friday will be fun here 😂

Yes, I'm curious about it, but I'm watching it quietly, I'm not invested in China anymore. 😊