S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,303.27 +0.12%
Nvidia NVDA $924.79 -1.99%
Tesla TSLA $177.58 +1.57%
Alphabet GOOG $177.29 +1.06%
Amazon AMZN $184.70 +0.58%
Meta META $471.91 -0.28%
Microsoft MSFT $420.21 -0.19%
Apple AAPL $189.87 +0.02%

That's good news for shareholders, but if the market turns around now and goes backwards a bit, Tesla will go with it.

It would be fine if there wasn't the ALE that @rickiereeve writes about below :)

This is great news, but it has its hooks. If a person (living alone in a household) earns more than $55k a year, they are only eligible for the original $2000 credit. The median annual salary is similar, if not higher. Further, this is deducted based on the number of members in the household. Many people do not qualify for this relief.

Hmm... that's a bit of a paradox, because people who make up to $55k a year probably aren't going to buy a Tesla again and they're happy :)

I've been meaning to post this 😂 He'd have to be a big hearted man. I think that's exactly who Elon is targeting with the Model 2

Where did you find the income restriction? According to this link 55k applies to the price of the car, but an individual's income is limited to 150k ??



I apologize for the inaccuracy. I made a mistake.

This should only apply to California, where one must have an annual income up to 400% of the poverty level to reach the other $7500 - hence the ~55k. And at that salary, a prudent person is unlikely to buy a car that expensive.

Also, importantly, it's tied to the amount you pay in taxes to be eligible for that $7500 in full. => People with lower income won't get that rebate in its full amount.

Keep it up 👌This may help sales in a way, but I probably wouldn't count on a crazy increase.

So bullish it is, but is it that bullish?

The other carmakers are dealing with far less news and making a big deal out of it

On the contrary, I think Tesla is more likely to make a camel out of a gnat.