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Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
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Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

I just went to the eToro broker to look at the portfolio development after yesterday and right off the bat about 3 posts and targets on Tesla $TSLA+3.2% from investors ($400,$500 and $500) jumped out at me. I'm curious, how do you determine your target or exit price? And if you hold Tesla, do you think $500 per share is realistic? Seems a bit off to me.



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What is important to me is financial health and, most importantly, the outlook for the future. After all, the market determines the price.

Yes, but you have to know when to sell, don't you? Or do you just hold on forever, as they say, and sell once you retire?

I'll sell once. If something is making a downright irrational profit, I'll sell before to buy again after the crash.

Well if the market holds up at least to the side🤞 so should give 300 by the end of the year. 500 is also not out of the question, don't forget that the production of the model 2 hasn't been introduced yet (it will be a higher level again in speed and ease of production) simply Tesla is not losing the lead and the valuation corresponds to that. 👍

I'm more concerned that with so many car companies and the standards going up, who will these cars be sold to in a few years when the market is saturated with new cars?

$500 will probably do it sometime. I wouldn't worry about that, but it's already a ball of overpriced business. These estimates are high, but it's not on the order of Cathie Wood at $2,000.

Cathie is in a different league, she sees potential in the thousands of dollars for just about everything. Not to mention the half-dead Zoom.

I guess he just wants to be seen. And if one stock mysteriously does, it will be celebrated again.

I don't think it's realistic in the near future, but in the long run it will probably surpass that $400 thanks to the supporters. As for the target price, the basis is analysis and the rest is assumptions that your scenario works out based on estimates or future sales/new product launches.

So I don't have a Tesla, I think it's a disgustingly expensive stock, but that's why it's getting there

Thank you. I'm the same way with target girls.