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The urgency for NIO $NIO+0.6% to increase volumes and cut costs is finally here, says Deutsche Bank. With widespread NIO price cuts and the rapid introduction of new NT 2.0 models, Edison Yu's team believes there could be a significant sales recovery in the second half of the year.



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Right? What do you think, will it boost Nio sales?

China is a big market and the price cut is definitely an attraction for customers. Plus, demand is probably pretty high there as everyone is trying to target that market in turn.

Competitors were also discounting. It's just a question of whether it was because they had to or because they wanted to.

I don't like it when companies have to give discounts to kick-start sales... it's a very dangerous world and can bring down Nio very quickly... I like it better when companies build "sexy" products that they can't produce :)

She was basically just a matter of time before they lowered the price, here they are not the first or the last in that regard. On the contrary, for such a young company, it's good that they are sticking to the strategy of other competitors.

Like this, $NIO+0.6% has been in my portfolio for a while now, with an average price of $21... so I really wish they start doing well! :-) I'm just worried that it's thin ice.... Tesla can afford it, they have different cashflow... but Nio has to be careful :)

It's about the strength of the brand. Apple has it and doesn't have to give any discounts. This is where they're saving it to hold on.

Even Tesla was lowering prices...I think they just want to impress shareholders with sales