S&P 500 ^GSPC
Tesla TSLA
Nvidia NVDA
Alphabet GOOG
Apple AAPL
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT

This is going to hurt 😂😂 I expect $100 in the fall after this overinflated bubble shows more disappointing results again. Your guesses?



$188.14 -$14.50 -7.16%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

I also expect a bigger drop, after all we are not out of the woods yet.

It almost seems to me that everyone just feels like nothing is really happening anymore 😂

Everyone sees the AI boom and ignores other factors.

For $100, I'd jump in... :-D

Maybe I will, too. I'm not saying I don't

This will eventually be an attraction for a lot of people...

With the current mood of the markets, it could be as low as $300 per share. With a correction and the bursting of the AI bubble, it could go closer to $200. This is hard to predict right now.

The AI bubble won't just burst, I guess.

I'd see it as a correction at most. They're finally gonna introduce the Model 2, aren't they?

They should have done that a long time ago :-D