S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,304.72 +0.70%
Tesla TSLA $179.24 +3.17%
Meta META $478.22 +2.67%
Nvidia NVDA $1,064.69 +2.57%
Apple AAPL $189.98 +1.66%
Microsoft MSFT $430.16 +0.74%
Alphabet GOOG $176.33 +0.73%
Amazon AMZN $180.75 -0.17%

Financial results for other quarters... when everyone realizes that AI is a cool buzzword, but it's not making any real money yet... :)

Admittedly this could and probably will be the right trigger 😀

I'd be willing to bet on it, but we'll see.

I agree, that's a pretty likely scenario.

so we'll see :)

I expect a cooling, stagnation rather, a slight correction. I don't think there will be a big crash, but I don't believe we will continue to grow at the rate we have been. As Mark writes below, I'm also curious about REITs, I think it will fall further now due to rates, I'm overbought there in the meantime and once rates have been stopped for good, or start to fall next year, it could rise nicely. Technology, I guess it depends on what, well, some of it may be overpriced, some of it may not, because there is demand for chips and AI, but on the other hand, that interest will definitely cool down in some ways and then it may not be ok for the smaller players. So to summarize, I'm expecting more of a cooling, I'm not buying technology right now, I'm looking more at the REIT sector, possibly a little bit of energy.

I agree, I see it the same way, but I'm a little worried that the FAANG will pull everything else together.

Yes, it's been a pretty noticeable drop today already in some tech stocks and we're already seeing the beginning of a possible cooling off. I don't dare say what now, I have capital and will gradually release it into the market, but not in big tech.

So since the bull market is based on the performance of the FAANG and AI, there's not much of a hard answer. Anything can trigger a correction, a hawkish Fed, bad inflation data, problems with the banks, the housing market. You can pick and choose what the trigger could be 😀 .

That's right...

Could big tech be headed for a similar fate as last fall? I wouldn't rule that out either. Most likely, I would think the FAANG is in for a cooling off period, while the more defensive titles could at least stagnate. I'm more bearish on the next six months. I'm most excited to see what happens with REITs.

I'm looking forward to that, too.