I'm not investing in that sector yet, but I plan to and so far I like $CVX+0.8% and $OXY+0.3% the best.

Interesting:) I don't own $OXY+0.3%, but I've been looking for the right one from the energy sector for a while now.

For me also $OXY+0.3% but I'm considering slowly retreating from it and that it will become the main either $CVX+0.8% or $XOM+0.1% because although Buffett has a lot in OXY, but his position is something different than for us, for me the company goes long sideways only and dividends not much, so I'm considering whether to still invest in it.

It's a fact that even I would probably choose a different title if it weren't for Buffett. But you have to take into account the buybacks, which at the current rate are about 5.8% of earnings per year. You have to tax dividends, not this. I also like how they are working with debt.

Exactly, well, I'm pretty convinced this Buffett guy is pretty into them. Otherwise, that's a nice fact too, dividends still have to be declared then anyway, though if they make nice buybacks in a year, that can drive up the price, though just unfortunately with that $OXY+0.3%, it's been a long time coming.

So according to this, it looks like we should just look for classic dividend stocks instead of tech. etc. stocks.

I'm sure. It's going to turn around, and I would say it's already slowly happening. At least in my portfolio, it kind of looks like it.