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I'd like to buy $O-0.4% for under $58, but even now the price is nice.

Maybe she'll check back in :)

Absolutely, I believe in it :)

Yeah, I'll take a few pieces under 60. Preferably around the price of 58.

Same :)

With this company, I'm buying under 60, selling over 70. 😂

For me, buying around $58 is up because I've already overpurchased at that price.

I understand that :)

I don't buy as I think high rates and high debt is not good for the reit. If it drops below 50, I would consider it.

It's still too high for me. I believe REITs will go lower. I'm watching $WPC-1.1% in particular.

Roger that

I'm watching that one too and want to buy in, it's pretty low again now.

I agree with you.