S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,010.6 +0.87%
Nvidia NVDA $795.18 +4.35%
Tesla TSLA $142.05 -3.40%
Amazon AMZN $177.23 +1.49%
Alphabet GOOG $157.95 +1.43%
Apple AAPL $165.84 +0.51%
Microsoft MSFT $400.96 +0.46%
Meta META $481.73 +0.14%

I've mentioned ASML stock here a couple of times, a company I like a lot, and until a few weeks ago I wasn't sure whether I would buy this stock or not. Last week, despite the stock being high, I bought a portion of $ASML+1.5% stock. I see great potential here and the company is expecting high revenue growth and overall expects great growth going forward.

I don't often buy stocks that are high, but I made an exception here and I'm wondering if I'll make another exception for $KO+0.6% or $PEP+1.3%, as these are also stable stocks that don't fall very often and either go up or go sideways.

Do you have shares of $ASML+1.5% in your portfolio and do you buy any stocks even though they are high, but the stock doesn't go down very often and you see potential in them?



$872.05 $12.51 +1.46%
Capital Structure
Market Cap
Enterpr. Val.

I have both Coca-Cola and Pepsi and I'm satisfied

Great, I would only want to include one company's stock out of this pair and I think I like $PEP+1.3% better.

I feel like they're pretty much the same :)

$KO+0.6% I can't get enough of... I opened a position here more than a year ago and now I'm happy and I trust this company as much as I trust Apple... a different segment, but there is also a huge tradition and stability behind it...

I agree, the stability and tradition there is huge and I think a lot of people buy KO stock mainly because of that brand and because of that tradition and history.

Yeah, I'm in that crowd too, for that very reason :)