I'd like to look into Threads. A platform that was supposed to compete with Twitter and was launched on July 31st of this year.


Fresh estimates show that the app's engagement has dropped to new lows.
The daily number of active Threads users has fallen by 82% since launch, with only eight million users visiting the app every day. That's the lowest level since the day the app launched, when the daily active user count peaked at about 44 million, market research firm Sensor Tower said.
Sensor Tower also added that people are also spending less time on the platform.
As of Aug. 1, the average daily time spent on Threads has dropped to just 2.9 minutes per day in an average of 2.6 sessions per day... No kudos.

Mark Zuckerberg was positive about Threads in his latest earnings call, but probably so much for the platform that it will "bury Twitter".

I watched it from the beginning and when they had so few users within a few days, I knew it wasn't going to be a big deal :)

For some it is negative news, for others it is positive news. I'm glad for it too, as it's such karma for Zuck and at least we know that just about any company or app won't compete with Twitter.

Meta's investors probably don't care about this failure. In fact, why would they...

Jesus, I'm so happy! I'm sorry, I'm sorry... but I'm just glad that it didn't work out for the ugly and greedy Meta, that this was their last attempt and once Facebook finally dies, Zuck will disappear into a hole... :)

Facebook probably won't just go down, but I'm also gloating about those Threads. Twitter is hot right now.

I think Facebook is gradually falling now... people stop going there, it's just ads and it's only a matter of time before companies evaluate that it's not relevant for them because they have low converting business on those ads... and Facebook will die because people won't come back :)