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People in the U.S. are starting to use streaming platforms more and more on TV and less and less on radio and cable. Time spent using streaming platforms on TVs is growing and currently accounts for 38.7% of total TV usage.

I currently hold shares of $GOOGL-1.2%, which provides the YouTube streaming platform, and then I also hold shares of $DIS+0.2%, which provides the Disney+ streaming platform.

What streaming platform stocks do you have in your portfolio?

Alternatively, you can vote in the poll which streaming platform you use the most.

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Investment Disney, but we have Neflix :D but when I watch something it's mostly YouTube

Great, $DIS+0.2% stock is still at a great price and I'll probably overbought this week.

Agreed, still worth buying

YouTube is a staple for me, otherwise Netflix when time permits, but I haven't watched classic cable in a good 8 years :D

I use YouTube the most, but I've never seen their shows/exclusives, even though I pay premium. Of the remaining ones it would be Netflix, I like its offerings and UI the most. Investment-wise, I like $WBD+1.1% the most at current prices, but I'd like to include $DIS+0.2% as well.

Great, $DIS+0.2% stock is at a great price right now and I want to take a look at $WBD+1.1%.

Agreed, and looking here, Patrik writes that he doesn't have a TV at home either, so I'm glad I'm not the only "special" case. People in my neighborhood, work and even maybe every girlfriend are so surprised that I don't have a TV. Just today, I wonder why? ...First of all, I'm an active person and I'm often at home just to sleep somewhere when I'm not with my young 😁 (I'm not a freeloader, I contribute to the household) 😁 ...and secondly, paying for cable, watching the news and those home shows, a waste of time for me. I'm not saying you can't just scrap worthwhile content and sometimes you need something to unwind to, but even for that today the platforms you richly listed are enough, so why pay for cable. 👍 For me, YouTube is leading the way. And then bumping, by not having time, I don't pay for anything for like a year. But high five, a series based on Tolkien came on Prime, so I paid for a month, watched it, and quit. And that's how I use the other stuff sometimes. 😊

Great and I totally agree and I have the same view. it's really just a waste of time and when I want to watch something I turn on youtube. Plus I'm also a special case as I don't want to subscribe to Netflix and similar streaming platforms. But I'll look up a movie or show online, maybe on bomb or play it :D

Also a possibility like this, I well, I hope they won't close me 😂 so I used to go on torrents, nowadays I can't and so sometimes I subscribe to something, but really very little, always only for a month and then I watch it all at once when all the episodes come out. What I like about it is just the thinking differently, when some of the people who don't get it and don't even invest will say we're cheapskates, but I always say, no I'm not, I can just find places I don't need and save up, invest that and then again, calmly spend on something I don't mind spending money on.

Hold on, cable TV will make up a smaller and smaller part of the pie over time and alternative ways of consuming content will gain momentum at its expense, after all, how many of you turned on one of our Czech TV stations tonight, or even last week? :)

I completely agree. Otherwise, it is true that I haven't turned on a Czech TV station for a long time, maybe a month for sure.

I guess I haven't done that in over 2 years :D