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Healthcare sector, one of the most popular sectors for investors, especially value investors. What are we going to think, health is the one thing we should protect most in our lives, and companies that are involved in this will profit from it perhaps indefinitely. Thanks to them, our society is able to live to a ripe old age. who are your favourites in this sector? For me, I can pick out $LLY+0.5% $JNJ+0.2% or maybe $ABBV+1.1%

I have $CVS-0.6% and $PFE-1.1% stocks in my portfolio and plan to look at $LLY+0.5%.

I have $JNJ+0.2% $PFE-1.1% $MRK+0.2% and the rest via $SPY-0.6% 😂

I'm starting to notice that I have a few holes here, like here in $MRK+0.2% I don't know that many here either, thanks for the tip and I'll check it out ;)

I think$CVS-0.6% is a great company. It has even dropped significantly in recent days and that may bring new investment opportunities. Among the others, I don't know the details.


I did some buying, but I got a very similar purchase price to what the stock is worth now.

In addition to $JNJ+0.2%, $ABBV+1.1% and $PFE-1.1%, $BMY-0.9% is also interesting from my point of view

I don't know that one, thanks for the tip.

I have this crazy... $BNGO-4.6%:) And $CVS-0.6% of course... :-D

Another one to the $CVS-0.6% family. :) but I admit I don't know $BNGO-4.6%, thanks for the tip to check it out.

The CVS family honestly makes a lot of sense to me now... especially at 66$ for longterm... I believe in 100% totally cool :)

CVS is even on sale :D

I see there are a lot of CVS supporters here. :)