S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
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Apple AAPL

My personal project that I have been working on since high school, when I turned an old farmhouse into a guesthouse.

Furthermore, mostly successes in trading, where for example in forex I regularly make around 10% monthly capital gains, which is great for me personally.

It takes courage to embark on such a reconstruction in high school. You have my admiration.

Thank you very much🙏 I was lucky enough to have my grandfather help me with the building project, but the other technical stuff was done from my side. It's been a rough couple of years, but I'm glad for how everything turned out.

So this takes balls👌 How is the pension doing today?

Thank you very much🙏 I'm glad especially that everything worked out. And I'm happy, the cast is great and since I work in real estate I manage everything myself, it's mainly a heartbreaker and my first big project.

I'm gonna move away from stocks and say my best investment. It was cosmetic modifications (skins) to the game CS:GO. I started actively playing CS:GO in 2016 and from the beginning I was fascinated by the skins market, which is quite popular in that game.
Since that year, I've been buying items quite extensively, which were limited in quantity and to date I still keep them. The unrealized appreciation on many of them is already over +1000%. I'll probably pour it all into equities soon, they make more sense to me nowadays, although there's still quite a bit of money to be made on these skins.

Oh, and in the stock world, it was $META-2.2% +147%.

Well, I didn't expect someone to come up with the fact that his most profitable investment was in skins, so that's a massacre. :D

I may have written here somewhere that CS:GO actually got me to somehow value my deferred funds:) Next in line was crypto and then stocks and bonds. I made some money there too, but I didn't even come close to those numbers, can you give me some examples of skins that did that?

I'm sure. It's quite simple - I used to buy boxes by the hundreds when they were a few cents. Nowadays some are 1€ (Shadow case), some are even 6€ (Breakout case). And then I traded knives at various times, but they didn't make that kind of percentage by far.

Actually, for me it was a similar case to yours, Victor - it also got me into stocks for the most part. I went through a bitcoin phase too. 😁