S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,066.7 -0.08%
Tesla TSLA $160.94 +11.24%
Nvidia NVDA $804.66 -2.37%
Amazon AMZN $177.07 -1.38%
Apple AAPL $168.78 +1.12%
Meta META $491.01 -1.03%
Microsoft MSFT $408.74 +0.29%
Alphabet GOOG $160.34 +0.26%

The SP500 index is up over 14% for the year, which is very respectable. The $SPY-0.1% is up this year mainly due to technology stocks, which are up tens of % this year and some are even up over 100%, such as $NVDA-2.4% or $META-1.0%. The SP500 is rising this year mainly thanks to $AAPL+1.1%, $MSFT+0.3%, $NVDA-2.4%, $META-1.0%, $AMZN-1.4% and $GOOGL+0.2%. However, the question is whether these technology stocks will continue to rise until the end of the year.

I am not currently buying tech stocks as they are really high. However, I always buy $SPY-0.1% for a certain amount at the beginning of the month even though the index is quite high at the moment. Currently the SP500 makes up about 40% of my portfolio.

Do you have $SPY-0.1% in your portfolio and if so, are you buying at today's prices and how much of your portfolio is SP500?

$505.11 -$0.54 -0.11%

I have and I'm driving a DCA.

I have it, haven't bought for a while (due to Degir) but it still makes up about 20% of my portfolio :)

Why for the degir?

Because Degiro has banned me from buying my favourite ETFs from Amundi and I haven't yet chosen a replacement from the ones available there... :)

Unfortunately I started quite late, so I'm low on $SPY-0.1% so far with only about one unit and an average purchase of around $410, but I'd like to buy it regularly like DCA but at the top for less and at the bottom for more. 😊