Well, here we go. $MPW+2.6% dividend cut! ⚠️

The dividend goes from the original $0.29 per share to $0.15. That's a drop of almost 50%. The dividend cut frees up some cash that can be used for things like debt reduction.

Personally, I see this as a necessary step. Yesterday was too late.

I completely agree. It was late yesterday. But these steps are really necessary.

So I've gambled before and I have some part in them, not terrible but I have and I'm glad for this, just hold now one settles for a minor div, but mainly if it helps to debt. Management I can't judge, or it's quite difficult because the names don't mean much to a person, but the model, I believe in healthcare, in hospitals so hopefully they will pick up. It's all about the tenants paying them properly and on time.

The timing of this post couldn't be better;) https://bulios.com/status/119256-dividendovy-vynos-proti-dividendovemu-rustu

Oh, yeah. I've been expecting a similar report for a while now. I feel sorry for those who may have been burned on this and may yet be burned.

Now I'm reading it too, how are you going to treat your position if you still have it? I'm sure it's a necessary step, but it's a shame. At least I'll put more money into $BTI-0.3%.

I never owned $MPW+2.6%. It's one of the companies I'll probably never invest in. I have no confidence in management.

Oh, I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone else 😅 How would you act in this situation?