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What is your favourite stock from the banking sector? As far as I can see, the best known stocks like $BAC-1.5% or $C-1.7% are trading well below their highs. Compared to $JPM-6.5%, which is holding up relatively well. Which player in this sector is your favorite?

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My favorite stock from the banking sector is $BAC-1.5%. $BAC-1.5% is currently overbought regularly as the stock is at a great price😁.

Some of that diva, ideal. :)

Exactly, the divi is also great :D

I started at $BAC-1.5% kinda even that Buffett pretty much trusts it, I have a bigger position there, but then I added on the $JPM-6.5% drop and I'm taking that one as the top of this market. 👍

How much of your portfolio is in the banking sector?

Not much yet, I don't understand the banking sector that much so I have about 4% of my portfolio there so far.

I think $C-1.7% Buffett was shopping too, didn't you look at her too?

Yes, I saw that he bought a little bit of this the other day, but I didn't look, I don't want another bank, 2 companies in this sector is enough for me.

If we are talking about the US and not talking about regionals like $USB-0.8%, then $JPM-6.5% is unstoppable.


For me, it's definitely $JPM-6.5%. It's also the only bank in my portfolio.

The$JPM-6.5% strikes me as a US bank topper too.

Me too😅that's why I have it👍

I like $C-1.7% the best at a great price and the dividend yield of 5% is nice too. $JPM-6.5% would probably be better, but at today's prices it's too much. $BAC-1.5% with $C-1.7% seems undervalued to me.

I've had pretty good luck with the $JPM-6.5% price, but other titles can still be had for good prices. We'll just have to wait and see the result in a few years.

Exactly, there is still plenty to buy in this sector.

Also, even according to the Bulios indicator! :)

Exactly, so $C-1.7% seems like the best choice to me, but we all have different preferences.

$BAC-1.5% has WB's confidence, and therefore mine. I'd just like to see the price a little lower.

Yeah, the price could still go down