S&P 500 ^GSPC 4,998.26 +0.62%
Tesla TSLA $141.93 -3.48%
Nvidia NVDA $785.60 +3.10%
Alphabet GOOG $157.66 +1.25%
Amazon AMZN $175.67 +0.59%
Apple AAPL $165.84 +0.51%
Meta META $479.70 -0.28%
Microsoft MSFT $399.18 +0.02%

You're already recapping the year like this? Wait at least 2 more months, only autumn will be a ride! :-D

No, but I asked tentatively to get an idea. I'm sure a lot of things will change :D

I'd give some nice annual reviews at Christmas... Last year I heard that this year was actually going to be up and down but at the end of the year we find out that it all basically went sideways... and I'm curious about that :)

This year, $NVDA+3.1% surprised me the most with its growth. I had dumped all my shares of this company before, but there was still a nice appreciation. What they have done this year in the graphics card market is incredible.

Exactly, what they've done is truly incredible.

Almost out of nowhere, they have been on the top of investors' interest lists and are still there.

I started this year 😁 but my largest position is still in $CVS+0.1% followed by NHY , $CRWD+1.5% and $CSCO+0.0%. I plan to increase my position in $O+0.1% but mostly investing as the situation warrants. And intrigued by $NVDA+3.1% for sure no question but on the other hand I don't take it totally positive because as fast as it skyrocketed it can do -50% into a correction to take the upside seriously... Now what are we going to say this chart of it looks like a pumped up shitcoin on crypt. 😂

That's right, the fall can be big :D

They were interesting, so to speak, from the point of view of earnings so definitely big tech on which some of the nice appreciation was. Investment-wise, so buying into reit companies. And disappointing, so far for example $PYPL+1.1% and $DIS-0.4% which I have and they are not doing as well as I expected them to.

I also expected DIS stock to do better.

Did you mean CSV or CVS ?

Cvs :D

For me $JNJ+1.2%, $OXY+0.6%, $DIS-0.4%, $ASML+1.0%, $PFE+1.5%, $BTCUSD+2.0%, $NKE-0.2% I'm happy with that, all very low prices everywhere in terms of this half year.

Great, I would like to include JNJ in my portfolio, but I don't know if it is currently high.

It's still going. Look at the forward P/E

Mostly probably $GOOG+1.2%, it was right at the beginning of the year and then over the real estate funds, mainly $O+0.1%.

Cool, I've been buying $O+0.1% quite a bit lately.

Great, I've been buying $O+0.1% quite a bit lately.