Investors, what stock have you held, do you hold, or plan to hold the longest in your portfolio?

I hold $AAPL+0.5% stock the longest in my portfolio and plan to hold it for several more years to decades. This company is awesome and the business is unreal. Shares of $AAPL+0.5% have fallen a few % in the last few days and the company has lost roughly $200 billion of its market capitalization in just a few days. I have to say that this news caught me quite a bit off guard and doesn't look good, however it doesn't change my view and opinion of Apple much.

Definitely $AAPL+0.5% or $MSFT-0.8%

Great, unfortunately I don't have MSFT in my portfolio.

Maybe once. :)

Also probably $AAPL+0.5% and then maybe Coke :)

Cool :D

So far the longest CEZ, I plan to hold long but most of $GOOGL-0.1%, $AAPL+0.5% etc.

Great, so we have the same except for the CEZ :D

If it is to be such an unshakable position that I want to hold until the end of time, then a discount to accumulate as much share as possible is welcomed with open arms isn't it?;)

Are you referring to the movement of AAPL's share price in recent days?

It is a response to your contribution. If I wanted to buy something for several decades, I would want to buy as far away as possible at the cheapest prices. I don't understand why you see the recent downturn negatively, especially when the stock is expensive over the long term.

Can someone explain to me what's so great about this apple?

The company is incredible and the business and the ecosystem is great. I think a person who does the fundamental analysis, uses their products and services, will understand why this company is so great. This is a topic for a whole article.

It's Apple for me, too. I guess the world would have to change for it to be different😅

Exactly 😂😁