S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Tesla TSLA
Microsoft MSFT
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG

I guess I don't care :D. Of course if I had to pick it would probably be $MSFT-1.3%, but currently the stock is expensive and I wouldn't buy it. I have $GOOGL-1.2% stock in my portfolio and am very happy. I mean, I don't have a problem with having MSFT stock in my portfolio but I also have GOOGL :D

I understand. :D Since it's a $MSFT-1.3% stock it can continue to grow long enough at a "higher" price.

Exactly, and that's why I bought GOOGL stock :D

Preferably both, but if one, probably $MSFT-1.3%

We agree. :)

Although just today I was reading about other AI news Google will be doing and it might be $GOOGL-1.2%:D

Why go out on a limb and pick one when I can go 50/50 for both? 😊👀

Also a possibility. :)

$MSFT-1.3% given how it treads into AI :)

That's what I really like about him, too.

So hopefully it will soon bring them some profits and it will be written into the results

It's a tricky question here, but I would personally vote for $MSFT-1.3%. The ads on $GOOG-1.1% are OK, but Microsoft products across all sorts of categories are just TOP.

I agree, I'm more of an MSFT fan too.


I would choose $MSFT. I think advertising revenue, on which $GOOGL'-1.2% s profits depend, will go down.

What are you inferring?

Jaroslav Brychta discusses this in several videos, e.g. here https://youtu.be/ZCIszvPSiEw

Yikes, tough question, but my heartthrob is simply $MSFT-1.3%. $GOOGL-1.2% doesn't look bad at all either, so I'd probably include both in my portfolio, but I'd have one more piece in $MSFT-1.3%.

We should have anyway. :D

Currently Google.

Why Google?

That's a tough question... 😁 The answer is both! 😁 But if I really had to choose, I'd probably lean towards Google right now.

Ideally. :)