At a fair price, $NKE-0.8% is 21% now you're talking :)

I'm looking at it now :D. I would see the intrinsic value of the stock more around $80. Then it depends on how long the investor wants to hold the stock. I'm looking at it from a long-term perspective, in which case the current share price doesn't look bad to me either :D

Yes, I guess it makes sense in the long run, it just really has to be long term because the stock could still crash for a while :)


$AMZN-0.2% is a classic, awesome. Also watching and have in my portfolio and growing nicely, just sorry I don't have it for more. Investing now. Well, hard to say, so on a 5-10 year horizon I'm sure it will be higher, but it's the psyche of well, buying a stock at the top, you don't want to. And then the $NKE-0.8% one yeah, I've been eyeing that one too since it got under $100. 😊

I see it the same way. I would hold AMZN stock for 5-10 years for sure and thus buying at this price would be fine. But as you write, it's hard on the psyche and I don't really want to buy this high.

I've been shopping $CVS-1.0% recently. That's still a very good value in my opinion. And otherwise, of course, the ARM IPO yesterday. It will be interesting to see how the stock performs going forward.

I also like$CVS-1.0% and if I say so badly, I've been enjoying the fallout from it recently and bought it nicely. I'm just wondering if you keep buying now, are you still topping up incrementally in it? ...I'm watching the IPO too, but I don't dare jump in yet, I think it's going to be pretty volatile.

I've bought a little something and I'm just watching it for now. If the price is significantly lower, I'll go for it. That IPO was really wild in the end and it was only two days, so it's better to let it cool off.

I agree, I also have CVS stock in my portfolio. Otherwise, it will definitely be interesting to see how the ARM share price develops.

I have them on my list but I don't dare to go too far, it can go anywhere, after all, companies are all about "picking" as many as possible now and then the slump can come...I don't know, how do you feel about it?