Reits are very nicely priced at the moment and I personally think that with interest rates coming down, reits could start to profit nicely and grow in price, which are your favourites? I'll highlight $O+0.2% or $VICI-0.3%

$30.43 -$0.08 -0.26%
1 Day
5 Days
1 Month
6 Months
1 Year
5 Years

My top pick is O :)

Great choice.


So far I have $O and+0.2% $VICI-0.3% in my portfolio, but I am still looking at $WPC-0.2%. $O+0.2% is currently at a great price, so I'm buying in regularly.

Great choice, Lukas.

$O+0.2% $WPC-0.2% and $VICI-0.3% is a lot of reits for one portfolio maybe, but I have them all and I keep buying them. But at the same time, as others write here, it takes watching to make sure the rates don't "catch up"

Yes, it is. Which of this trio do you trust the most in the future? :)

Well good question, I like them all, each has something ...probably the most then $O+0.2% $WPC-0.2% is but more diversified $VICI-0.3% is the gaming sector and what we will, even in tough times, maybe even more so because they are prone to psyche, they will come to play. 😊

$O+0.2% has long had a place in my portfolio. For me, a great stock. Now it can be bought at a nice price thanks to the discounts we are experiencing😉

I couldn't agree more. :)


But maybe I have ETFs.

Would you list some of them, please?

$IWDP.L iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITS ETF
$IDUP.L iShares US Property Yield UCITS ETF
$IUKP.L iShares UK Property UCITS ETF

$TRET.L VanEck Global Real Estate UCITS ETF

I have the former and am considering UK Property.

Do you have a large reit portfolio?

5-10 % of total ptf

The $O+0.2% is in free fall now but I would wait there because I don't think there was even a reaction to the breakout of the strong trendline which normally happens in such situations... On the other hand $VICI-0.3% there is some buying going on...

Or start slowly with DCA...