Investors, have you ever fallen for FOMU yourself? "Fear of missing out. What investment was it and what caused it? :)

Personally, I felt the most FOMO on myself during the last BTC bullrun when I bought $BTCUSD-1.2% for $53000. Fortunately it wasn't for a particularly high amount and in retrospect I think it gave me more than it took. Since then, FOMO has completely let me go and I think about my investments with a clear head and no emotions.

What about you and FOMO, what are your stories? :)

Sometimes? I fail every day when I come here and find out where I missed it.. realistically FOMO is the only mental problem I have with investing

:D Yeah, we need to remember to put emotions out of investing.

I'm pretty good with most emotions... but this one is kind of strong :-D

I get what you're saying, I get it quite often too, whether feeling the opportunity to buy or sell, but it just seems to be part of it and wants to be left unaddressed. Further, also maybe don't compare, if someone "hit it" better what, another option comes along. For example, what helps me is that when I feel like that, I try to remind myself, look or remember the steps that went well and say, yeah, I'm not just making mistakes 😊

Beautiful saying, I totally agree with you ;)

Of course, I'm often afraid of missing something. But I don't think I've bought any stocks because of that yet.

That's good and I'd say you're an exception:D

I'm glad for that, but I'm investing for a short period of time and I'm sure I'll buy something someday for the sake of fom.

It happened to me while I was trading. I'm trying to avoid it now...

Trading is very tricky in this no...

Oh, yeah. Especially at the beginning...

That's why I haven't gotten into trading yet... this would kill me...

Exactly, we're the same way :D

I experience FOMO today and every day, I just don't act on it. 😁 You believe in some of your investments so much that you would give it your all, but of course you can't.

You're right. :D

I had a rake with BTC,because I didn't go for it at all, but I'm glad now,because it's too volatile for me.

Well, volatility is pretty similar to riskier stocks at the moment.

Now, yes.

right, now I would say $NVDA-2.7%... :-D

right, now I would say $NVDA-2.7%... :-D

Oh, yeah, I'm sure there'd be some. We all start out and make mistakes like that. But I had this more with the trader, when I tried to trade either the index or individual stocks and the worst thing about this was, I don't know what it's called now, that when I failed, I would try to make up for it in the next hurried trade to make up for the loss, but of course it didn't happen and I lost it. I basically messed up my stats last year because I did it on one long term account. And I lost about $300.

So it's still a cool loss:) but I understand, I tried trading only in the demo, but that's something else:D

Yeah I'm fine with that, but I'm sorry in the numbers that it messed up my final number for the year because even though 2022 was a pretty down year for the markets, I would have stayed plus or minus 10% down, this way I was less than 20% ...that's why I trade separately and thus, nowadays definitely more thought out and not so reckless. 😁 So the demo is great to try out, so let's do well. 👍 How's it going on it?

Trading is very tricky in this, then it tempts to gambling :D

😂🤦‍♂️bohužel yes