At least it will be easier to shop:)

We are currently at 36... It's a beautiful time. 😁


Even on Friday, things turned around quite a bit. Looks like next week's supports won't hold and we may look even deeper...

Come on! 😁

The more into fear the better the shopping ;)

I also wonder what the pendulum swings by :)

There are 7 variables that determine the final skore.
The ratio of put and call options, market volatility, the ratio of stock to bond returns, moving average,... It's pretty close to reality, I'd say.

Nice... so it's more complex than I thought :) Thanks for the clarification.

Super thanks for the explanation:)

I saw that Powell is speaking again next week Thursday, so I would see it as another red day 😂

Maybe he wants to tell us that rates are going negative. 😁

Well, I wouldn't exactly count on it. 😂

So a good time to invest in good stocks 😁 but you want to take it with a grain of salt no...

It always is. 😁 I take this index more as a curiosity than that I would act according to it.