How do you see Alibaba $BABA-1.3% nowadays? I like the company a lot, but there is still one big negative and that is the Chinese market. That is the main issue that is keeping me from buying this company.

How do you see it? Can the company look back to its highs and make sense at today's prices?

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I would like to include this company's shares in my portfolio, but the Chinese market bothers me.

We're in the same boat, I can't get over the commies.

I like the company, but unfortunately I'll probably never get a taste of the market.

Sort of...

The company is great, but I don't have anything in China yet and I don't plan to

I understand. :)

Maybe one day I will change my mind:)

The company is really great for me, but the market bothers me. I don't have a position and don't plan to even though the price has gotten to very interesting levels over the last few years.

Maybe for some short/medium term position
Looks like retail sales are starting to pick up - that's positive news for $BABA-1.3%.
I definitely don't see new highs, but I think we just need some good news and we're at $120 by the end of the year.

Well, $120 I don't think it will show up before the end of the year, but who knows.