S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Tesla TSLA
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT
Alphabet GOOG
Apple AAPL

The price is already at a very nice support. I'll take a look at it too :)


I unfortunately don't have stocks in my portfolio from this sector. However, I do plan to include some stocks from this sector in the portfolio.

I haven't yet either, but I'd like to include

I bought a tiny position 2 weeks ago at $120, I'll be diluting at $115, but this time in a bigger one.

Great :)

Enphase is still on my watchlist :)

Do you follow any other energy companies?

Due to recent events, I threw in $HE-1.1%:)

I've also had them for a long time. I trust them and once they go back to solarka, so do they. They are also working on developing, improving cells and have a strong position in the market.

I am curious to know if they will be able to store energy better, that would be a breakthrough:)

That too, that's a fact but unfortunately it's also a lot about minerals and it's going to be quite expensive there. I would rather think about the development of energy transmission to be less lossy and then as far as the solar panels are concerned, I think there is a shift, if I take the first panels and the ones today, they are a bit more powerful, I don't know the exact numbers.