I bought the O

And then of course dca etf and $BRK-B-0.8%

Yeah, I've also been buying ETFs.

Cool, I've been snapping O's a bit too often this month :D

A lot of people here probably do ;D

I didn't get much done in September. I'm in a holding pattern for now.

I get it :)

I was still shopping Meyer Burger and $BTI+0.5%.

I don't know Meyer Bruger, but I'll check her out.

Look, she's gotten pretty skinny in the last few weeks, so I'm buying in.

I'm thinking about $NKE+3.3%, but I'd like a better price.

I bought Pfizer and sold Verizon

I'm strongly considering selling Verizon - I guess it would be worth admitting defeat after all and spill over into something more promising.

I've been thinking about it for about a year now and because of the high debt at these interest rates, I sold it.

I'll probably buy Pfizer again this month.

Now I don't sell anything at all - I just shop, but I still try not to overdo it with my purchases. I've been buying $BAYN, $BATS.L and $PYPL+3.5% this week, if I'm not mistaken.

Cool, I've been thinking about PYPL recently, but it's too big a risk for me.